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IPOEX 2014 13.06.2014
XIth International conference IPOEX 2014 on Explosive materials, examination, application and safety was held on 3-5 June 2013 in Ustroń Zawodzie. Conference had around 120 participants from various Research Institutes, Universities and companies. Wide range of presentation concerned i.e. comparison of numerical methods for computation of the blast wave; comparison of field and numerical tests performed on the basis of the NATO AEP-55 requirements; possibility of application of shape memory materials in ballistic; rocket fuels; application and evidence of explosives in opencast mines; determination of the ground vibration zones as well as method of synthesis and modification of explosives. There were overall 27 presentation and 20 posters.

During poster session we have been presenting the poster describing the basic assumptions of the D-BOX - "Demining tool-BOX for humanitarian clearing of large scale areas from anti-personnel landmines and cluster munitions" Project.

IPOEX PIKNIK FUNDUSZY EUROPEJSKICH - Pani Wojewoda Jolanta Chełmińska przy naszej ekspozycji

Institute of Security Technologies MORATEX
60th Anniversary
Institute of Security Technologies "MORATEX" celebrates in 2013 the 60th anniversary of its activity. This is particularly important event, because few institutions have such a long history and have survived the difficult conditions of competition to the present in good financial standing. To celebrate, the Directorate of the Institute together with the Scientific Board, decided to organize the celebration of the 60th anniversary, which will take place in two stages.

On the 3rd of December, 2013 a meeting is scheduled of all who have been and continue to constitute the Institute - former and current employees, representatives of ministries, local authorities, research institutions and cooperating commercial companies. The ceremony will be held in a place that documents the history of science, which the Institute is bound with, from the beginning – the Central Museum of Textiles in Lodz, Poland.

On the following days, the 4th and 5th of December, 2013 there will be held an international scientific conference devoted to the subject, over which the Institute has worked for the last 20 years - "THE LATEST TRENDS IN THE CONSTRUCTION AND APPLICATIONS OF BALLISTIC ARMOUR". It will be the 13th conference of this series, created by the collaboration of three research institutes – the Scientific and Research Institute of Steel in Moscow, the Scientific Centre for High-Strength Materials in Khotkovo (Russia) and the Institute of Security Technologies "MORATEX" (Poland).

The representatives of science, manufacturers and users of ballistic armour from Poland and abroad will participate in the conference. The event will be reflected in the mass media - TV, specialist press, radio, and the Internet.

Sponsors list

For last several years almost all Poland and Ukraine live and breath the upcoming football EURO 2012 Championship. Sixteen national teams shall play 31 matches out, which will be live transmitted to more than 200 countries.
Considering importance of the event, the DISCOVERY CHANNEL has prepared a series of 12-minute videos called "Engineering the European Championships".

The documentary focus on various aspects of preparations and organising the Championship. The series will show many interesting curiosities, which the viewers cannot find either in sporting events, current coverages nor news.
In a typical style of Discovery, the authors focus on interesting topics, from the perspective of 'How it is made'.
Mrs. Elizabeth Ciszewska editor, which is an executive producer in Poland, recognized as important to dedicate an episode of this series to the anti-blow suits, the officers of Polish Police, guarding public order during EURO 2012 will be equipped with.

The filmmakers drew viewers to the course of design work at the Institute of Security Technologies "MORATEX" while developing their own protective suit solutions. They didn't omit remark that the work was undertaken in close cooperation of the Institute with representatives of Police Headquarters and newly developed products that have been tested by dozens of policemen, and their comments and observations gave the direction for research and development.

The film shows the production of such suits at two Polish companies - MASKPOL in Konieczki and POLSKÓR in Tomaszow Mazowiecki.

"Engineering the European Championships", including the episode considering the anti-blow suits, became a unique and interesting series addressed to people who want to know more about the spectacular aspects of the football championships, which will be held in Ukraine and Poland.

The series of films aroused enormous interest and has already been purchased from the DISCOVERY by nearly 50 television stations worldwide.

They will be sequentially broadcasted, i. a. in:
Russia & Ukraine – 29th May @ 21:00, 5th June @ 21:00
Benelux (Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg) – 2nd June @ 19:05,
2nd June @ 20:00
Middle East/Africa, Turkey – 3rd June @ 20:55, 3rd June @ 21:50
Bulgaria, Romania – 5th June @ 22:00, 5th June @ 23:00
Central Europe – 7th June @ 21:55, 7th June @ 22:50
POLAND – 1st July @ 18:00, 1st July @ 19:00,
from: 8 th June, Monday – Sunday @20:00
Nordic, Denmark, Sweden – 15th July @ 22:00, 22nd July @ 22:00
Spain & Portugal – 17th July @ 23:00, 24th July @ 23:00
Finland – 29th July @ 12:50, 29th July @ 13:45
South East Asia - 27th May @ 21:00, 27th May @ 22:00
China – 4th June @ 11:10, 5th June @ 11:10
Taiwan – 23rd June @ 20:00, 23rd June @ 21:00
Italy – 6th June
Germany – 28th June, 5th July

We strongly encourage you to watch this interesting documentary series, especially the episode of "Modern armour" planned for broadcasting in Poland on Monday, 11th of June at 20:00.

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