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Research Projects

List of research projects - our own and developmental, completed in recent years and currently in progress:

  • The effect of the kind of textile raw material, weave structure and the finishing method on the camouflage properties in visible light and IR radiation
  • Designing the structures of fibrous composites to be applied into stiff ballistic protection means
  • The effect of structure elements of multilayer material to protect against flame and heat radiation on limiting the fumidity and toxic gases emission when burning
  • Research on the ability of attenuating energy by the multilayer compositions and optimizing them towards application into impact-resistant goods
  • Theoretical research and experimental validation of dynamic action of blast-propelled fragments on the fibrous covers
  • Research on developing the multilayer material or set of materials for making-up the new-generation camouflage clothing
  • Developing and launch of the manufacturing the polyolefin products intended for hybrid ballistic inserts
  • Research on possibility of applying the thermography defectoscopic method for assaying the quality of composite ballistic materials
  • The technology of recycling the textile ballistic waste and the prototypic application unit
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