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Statutory activity

List of the works in progress within the scope of statutory activity:

  • Preparing the laboratory for the research on electrostatic charge decay of the materials for protective clothing
  • Ballistic protective properties of textile packets and fibrous composites as a mechanical strength function
  • The rules (procedures) of manufacture supervising and the acceptance of textile technical goods (clothing and equipment) introduced to the provision of Ministry of Interior and Administration
  • Maintaining and supervision of the accreditations in the research laboratories
  • Development of new clothing and equipment for the officers of units subordinated to the Ministry of Interior and Administration, arising from the current needs
  • Developing the new and improved ballistic body protectors for selected profiles of Interior department services
  • Supervising the quality management systems implemented to the Institute
  • Preparing the laboratory (workstations) for research on some physical properties of materials being applied to the manufacturing of medical compresses, according to the PN-EN 1644-1÷2:2003 Standard, and inactive medical products and wound direct packs according to the PN-EN 13726-1÷4:2005 Standard
  • Activities supporting the research works
  • Including the subject-matter of determining the properties of porous flexible plastics to the scope of Metrology Laboratory
  • Expanding the range of research of the Ballistic Laboratory to include the NIJ standard for Ballistic Helmets 0106.01
  • Elaborating the methodology and preparing the workstation for exercise tests on special goods
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