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PCA AB 155
PCA AB 155
The Apparatus for Research
The Laboratory is equipped with modern workstations for ballistic and impacting tests...
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Ballistics Laboratory
Laboratory accredited by PCA within the scope of ballistic and impact resistance. Accreditation no. AB 155

The testing sope covered by the PCA accreditation has been divided into 2 groups:
  • ballistic tests
  • impact resistance tests
For both groups, the testing objects are i.a.: bullet-, knife- and needle-proof vests, helmets, ballistic packets flat samples, impact resistant body protectors.
It is the one and only lab in Poland with the workplace ready for determining shock absorbing capabilities of body protectors. The laboratory also has at its disposal the equipment that allows for execution of the tests of fast-changing physical magnitudes.
The laboratory periodically extends the scope of accreditation according to the customers' demand.

The Certificate and the scope of accreditation (PCA)

The Certificate and the scope of accreditation (OiB)

Head of the Laboratory
Marcin Landwijt, Ph.D., Eng.
phone. +48 42 637-37-42
fax +48 42 636-92-26

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