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Metrology Laboratory

The research apparatus

The laboratory is equipped with almost 100 measurment devices and workstations from well-known manufacturers such as: Zwick, Instron, James H. Heal, SATRA, Textest, SDL, BINDER.
It possesses among others:
  • Equipment for testing the mechanical properties:
    • the strength testing machine from Instron
    • the strength testing machine from Zwick with accessories for ropes and bands testing
    • the strength testing machine from Zwick with accessories for composites testing
    • Balli & de MATTIA flexometer for tests on repeated bending
    • Nu-Martindale – resistance to abrasion and pilling
The Martindale apparatus

  • devices for determining a physiological comfort:
    • FX-3300 TEXTTEST AG – air permeability
    • FX-3000 TEXTTEST AG – watertightness
    • SATRA Model STM 511 – water vapour drag, warmth drag
SATRA STM 511 device

  • devices for testing the resistance of dyes:
    • Megasol model 500 – artifictial light action
    • Crockmeter model 255A J. H. Heal & Co. Ltd. – friction
    • Perspirometer model 290 J. H. Heal & Co. Ltd. – water, sweat action
    • DIGI WASHTM Paramount Europe – washing, dry (chemical) washing
digiWASH device

  • devices and workstations for determining special usage features:
    • Workstation for test the combustion and flame expansion
    • FIRE Instrumentation and Research Equipment Limited – oxygene index
    • climatic chamber Servathin SECASI – resistance to low temperatures
    • ohmmeter Tera 6206 with electrodes - surface and through- resistance + climatic chamber KBF 240 BINDER GmbH – electrostatic properties
    • FF-10 and Bundesmann - resistance to rain
    • tester Paramount Europe – spray test
    • tester Paramount Europe – resistance to crumpling
    • Wascator Electrolux – dimensions' changes after wash
    • climatic chamber KBF 240 BINDER GmbH
Device for testing on flammability

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