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The history of Institute of Security Technologies MORATEX in Łódź dates back to 1953, when the Minister of Light Industry issued his Decree No. 430 on the creation of Laboratory of Technical Textiles.

The main and constant goal of MORATEX activity is developing the modern designs and technologies of textile technical goods and implementing them to the industry. The institute worked-out the leading position among domestic R&D bodies and developers of hi-tech products intended for various branches of national economy. In 90's the R&D workload has been remarkably moved towards developing of personal life and health protection means for individuals exposed to threats from bullets, fragments, impacts, harmful chemical or biological agents and unfavourable factors, as fire, temperature, water etc. The works of that times focused mainly on solutions related to technologies designed for services subordinated to the Minister of Interior and Administration and to Minister of National Defence.
Since 1999, according to the decree of Prime Minister (Journal of Laws No. 24 item 217) The Institute is the departmental R&D body supervised by the Minister of Interior and Administration. Starting with that moment all the effort of the Institute's management and employees has been clearly driven to satisfying the expectations and requirements of the Police, Fire Service, Border Guards and The Government Protection Bureau. Executing the tasks set, with co-operation with those services, MORATEX developed in 2001-2006 new and modern uniform assortment, equipment and means of individual protection.

To keep up the high level of R&D works and technology, the quality management system has been implemented to the Institute, compliant to the requirements of the Standards: PN-EN ISO 9001, PN-N 19001 confirmed by certificate from The Polish Centre for Testing and Certification
The Institute has been awarded the Notified Body position by the European Committee within the scope of directive 89/686/EEC – Personal Protective Equipment, ID No. 1475. The quality of newly-developed goods is confirmed by the certificates from accredited Certifying Bodies, including: CIOP, WITU, CNBOP.
The Products Certification Department works at the Institute, to issue certificates of conformity of the products offered by the suppliers of textile protective goods and uniform elements.
The high level and modernity of material, technical and design solutions of developed products, are proven by positive opinions of end users as well, as the medals and awards from both domestic and international organisations.
The novelty of scientific and technological solutions is confirmed by the protection rights assigned by the Polish Patent Office. The Institute has gained more than 100 patents and more tan 140 utility.
The Institute presents the results of its research works at many symposia and conferences in Poland and abroad, and publishes in Polish and worldwide periodicals. They receive interests appreciation everywhere.
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