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The scope of activity
Institute of Security Technologies MORATEX is a R&D body subordinated to the Minister of Interior and Administration. The subject of our activity is carrying-out the scientific research and development works aimed to elaborate the new technical and technological solutions In the field of manufacturing the equipment and the individual means for health and human life protection and transferring them to the industry usage.

The scope of MORATEX Institute activities includes:
  • executing the scientific research, development and implementation within the range of technics and technology of textile products, especially concerning the rules and developing the individual body protection means of special nature, including ballistic and impact-resistant as well, as other goods intended for public security services and national defense;
  • developing the new and modern technologies to ensure implementing safe and useful solutions to the industry, capable to prevent results of phenomena or events potentially being a public threat, including prevention against natural or technology disasters;
  • taking the activities on improvement and development of methods of carrying-out the scientific research and development works;
  • co-operation on the scientific research and development works and assessment of the conformity of individual protections against mechanical, chemical and thermal agents with national and foreign research centres;
  • disseminating the results of the scientific research and development works in both domestic and foreign technology periodicals, on simposia, conferrences and by exhibitions and editorial activity of our own;
  • specialisation and improving the scientific and professional skills of the employees;
  • the supplementary activities, especially on the science&technology and economy information, courses, inventiveness and protection of industrial and intellectual property rights;
  • elaborating and estimating the standards and other law regulations related to the goods designed for human life and health protection for the individuals responsible for interior security and national defence;
  • testing in the Institute's own labs, accredited by Polish Centre for Accreditations, - the metrological one and ballistic one plus certyfying the products intended for the national security needs in the Products Certification Department (excluding the MORATEX own products), especially the elements of uniform equipment intended for meeting the needs of services subordinated to the Ministry of Interior and Administration;
  • taking care of the rules of monitoring the quality of goods for security purposes by continuous supervising;
  • elaporating the analyses, assays and expert opinions concerning the status and development of the textile goods of equipment for national security services and pointing the directions of using home the worldwide science and technology;
  • running the economy activity, services and production of special goods i.e. ballistic and impact-resistant protectors and some pneumatic products such as: rescue jumping cushions, radar wave deflectors and lifts;
  • cooperation with organisational units of the Police, Border Guards, State Fire Guards and Government Protection Bureau on the special individual protectors, especially the ballistic and impact-resistant ones.

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