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Quality Policy
The main goal of the Institute of Security Technologiy MORATEX activity is carrying-out the scientific research, development works, laboratory tests and products certifications.
The Institute's activity includes developing new technical and technology solutions
for manufacturing the equipment and individual means for human health and life protection and transferring them into the industry practice.

The strategic goals are:
  • building the professional and credible organisation,
  • identifying and satisfying our customers needs,
  • cooperating with the customers on a basis of the rules: fair-mindedness, confidentiality and equal treatment,
  • optimizing the organisation by managing the integraed system according to the requirements of ISO 9001 and PN-N 19001.

The Institute reaches its goals by:
  • using full creative potential and experience of the employees,
  • continuous improvement of skills by courses,
  • engaging all the staff into the process of optimizing the organisation by methodical inspection regarding quality,
  • scientific and technical cooperation with other Scientific Institutes both home and abroad,
  • endeavour at possessing and using the latest research apparatus and IT equipment to keep high technology level of the Institute's activity.

Public Information Bulletin
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