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The History
1953 The Minister of Lightweight Industry establishes The Laboratory of Technical Textile Industry in Lodz at the Belts and Technical Textiles Works
1960 Aquiring the premises at M.Sklodowskiej-Curie Str. #3 from PLYTOLEX - the Vulcanized Goods Works
1966 Renaming the Laboratory into the Central Laboratory of Felt and Technical Textiles Industry, and later on to the Central Laboratory of Technical Textiles
1973 Aquiring the premises at Piotrkowska Str. #278. The adopted space shall host the research section and recently-established experimental teams: weaving, non-wovens and technical making-up
1979 Conferral of a new statute enabling to establish the Scientific & Technical Council and the name changed to Research and Development Centre of Technical Textiles
1984 Purchasing the property at Sienkiewicza Str. #165 with weaving machinery from Technical Textile Works of Pabianice
1985 Conferral the status of research and development body of military industry to the Centre by the Chairman of Defence Industry Committee of the Cabinet
1992 The Minister of Industry and Trade rises the Centre to the rank of Institute. The Centre name changed to the Institute of Technical Textiles „MORATEX”
1998 Polish Centre for Testing and Certification (PCBC) grants MORATEX the accreditation to the research laboratories of the Institute
1999 The supervision over the Institute transferred to the Minister of Interior and Administration
2001 Implementation of quality management system at the Institute confirmed by the certificate issued by Polish Centre for Testing and Certification (PCBC)
2002 Polish Centre for Testing and Certification grants accreditation to the Products Certification Department of MORATEX
2002 Obtaining from the Quality and Management Systems Department of Ministry of National Defense the certificate of conformity to the requirements of AQAP
2002 Expansion of the property at M.Skłodowskiej-Curie Str. #3 complete. Every organisational unit of MORATEX moved to this building
2004 The European Community Committee assigns MORATEX the status of notified body regarding the Directive 89/686/EEC
2006 Reorganizing and changing the name to The Institute of Security Technology „MORATEX” on a basis of Decree of Minister of Interior and Administration (Journal of Laws no. 94, item 654)
2006 The MORATEX Institute has been moved within the structure of Ministry of Interior and Administration to the Department of Logistics and Infrastructure according to the § 18 of Decree no. 7 of Minister of Interior And Administration

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